Ms. Rebekah Wynn

Queen of Soul 2020-2022

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20-year-old Rebekah Wynn attends Our Lady of the Lake University, majoring in early childhood education.  In 2019, she was awarded the Charles Butt “Raise Your Hand Texas Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers.”  Her long-term goal is to open up her daycare center. The love for kids that she has, is never-ending. She believes that she can have an impact on others in the same way that they affect her. That passion for children remains strong and unbreakable.

Rebekah is a woman of many talents and every day she strives to be a better version of herself.  In her free time, she likes to read, learn new instruments, and crochet. She says, “There is always an opportunity to grow, why not do it with something you love?”

As a child, Rebekah was destined for an amazing journey. Growing up, she was taught to never limit her dreams. Time and time again, she has proven that nothing is stopping her. It wasn’t until volunteering in middle school did Rebecca notice that not everyone had the same opportunities. Since then, her constant need to serve others has always been one of her top priorities in life.

With the Queen of Soul title, Rebecca hopes that she can impact those around her with her positivity. She wants to utilize her time to encourage children and teach them that with hard work and dedication they can achieve what may seem hard to reach.

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